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All marketing collateral including scaled floor plans and pricing is available to be viewed at our sales gallery by private appointment.


Register your interest or contact
Ranko – 0451 153 833

Sales gallery open for inspection by appointment Saturday 11am - 12pm

Pay only a $10,000 deposit.

All marketing collateral including scaled floor plans and pricing is available to be viewed at our sales gallery by private appointment.



Lustrous Sunshine – an ever-evolving pocket of Melbourne, radiating with urban charm and gleaming with cultural diversity. A mere 11kms from the city’s bounds, the connected domain is one where the choice between tranquility and vivacity is yours to make. An abundance of parks lend a green hue to the suburb’s aura, paired with hubs of recreation aplenty.

At the beck and call of all Sunshine has to offer resides Verse, a collection of residences curated to enrich the very lives of those within them. Considered design, inherent livability and immaculate quality on all fronts deliver an exemplary definition of home.



Ingeniously brought to life by Chamberlain Architects, Verse showcases distinctly modern architecture, instilled with an air of understated luxury. Each home has been curated with its future occupants in mind, tangible in the meticulous attention to detail, generous floor plans and commitments to functionality that present themselves in each living area.

Crafted with a deep understanding and respect for the garden suburb ideology, these homes are inspired by the very site they reside on, where pre-existing trees have been retained and incorporated into the design. Bold, though first and foremost a ‘home’, Verse is born of a truly remarkable design philosophy.

Exterior sketch, Glen Chamberlain

Glen Chamberlain,
Director at Chamberlain Architects

Intrigued by humble daily rituals, Glen Chamberlain seeks to create architectural solutions that enrich daily life. His approach looks at design as a collaborative process, working with clients to help create the lifestyle they desire. Specialising in the residential and multi-residential sectors, each project follows its own unique style derived from dialogue with clients - though a fascination with light, space and materiality is a common thread.

Contemporary elements,
tailored to endure.

Addressing the street with
the utmost sophistication

Verse’s facade presents an unobtrusive and visually unified exterior, echoing the homeliness of the residences’ internal spaces. Embracing a monochrome palette and metal accents, which team artfully with timber cladding, the design achieves a modern yet timeless appeal. At the frontier, plentiful courtyard spaces are ornate with luxuriant greenery, providing a delightful welcome to the homes that lay behind. An addition of value, Verse honours the predominantly suburban context of Wilkinson Road – marking the streetscape with a sophisticated presence.

Capturing and celebrating natural light

Just one of many considered features, each home is equipped with a quaint balcony, capitalising on surrounding vistas and inviting moments of peaceful solitude. Inside, dual aspect windows allow streams of natural light to occupy the rooms – the light itself becoming a quality of the home – whilst allowing for maximal cross ventilation.

“The homes at Verse Sunshine are a unique addition to the vibrant, changing culture of Melbourne’s inner west. Modern townhouses in a bucolic garden setting are perfect for families and people looking for a low maintenance lifestyle, without sacrificing light, space and a connection to nature.”
Glen Chamberlain,
Director at Chamberlain Architects



Masterfully envisioned by Chamberlain Architects, it’s clear Verse’s internal spaces were above all, designed to be lived in. There is an undeniable homeliness to the interiors, where earthy tones and wool carpets imbue a prevailing sense of calm, concurrently allowing for personal touches to be placed. Capacious floor plans, durable materiality and an abundance of natural light only further this livability, forming a home you  won’t want to stray from.

Sun kissed rooms with comfort at their crux

From early morning radiance through to the last rays of the afternoon, Verse’s generous windows impart ample sunlight to the living rooms at every hour. Paired with textured laminates, these spaces showcase a natural palette, allowing the focus of the rooms to be on the memories made within them.

Generous outdoor spaces for your personal sanctuary

Thoughtful layouts are a key feature of Verse’s homes, where living spaces flow beautifully through to balcony and garden areas. Here, lush grass, liberal vegetation and tall fences create idyllic outdoor havens for Verse’s ground floor residences. Versatile terraces also form the ideal spot for an outdoor setting.

Undeniably spacious living.

The culinary heart of the home

Practical yet stylish; homely yet inspiring; spacious yet refined – this defines the kitchens of Verse, the effect being a space that adapts to every moment and mood. Whether you’re experimenting with something new, preparing an old favourite or residing with a cup of tea, sleek appliances, premium benchtops and modern feature lights ensure the task is an enjoyable one. Adjoining the kitchen is the living room, enabling easy interaction with your loved ones.

Areas of complete serenity, with an integrated aspect of practicality, these spaces transcend the meanings of ‘bathroom’ and ‘bedroom’.

John Patrick,
Director at John Patrick Landscape Architects

John Patrick has managed his multidisciplinary practice since its inception in 1982. His vision is centred on working in conjunction with clients, delivering a high standard of professional service at all times and responding with sensitivity to site conditions and contexts. He also seeks to undertake responsible and sustainable design practices. Having carried out a broad range of commissions encompassing both small and large scale projects, Patrick’s firm comes equipped with extensive experience and expertise.



There is much to be discovered in the lifestyle landscape of Sunshine and its neighbouring locales. The streetscapes are composed of bars and eateries that rival some of the cities very best, whilst plentiful shopping provisions ensure no stone is left unturned.

Parks and reserves weave themselves throughout the suburb, paired with well-equipped recreational centres for lovers of leisure. Highly regarded nearby schools and accessible public transport reiterate Sunshine as a rapidly emerging hot spot. Click here for a detailed area map.

Eat and drink in Sunshine:

An assortment of culinary callings shine throughout this part of Melbourne, presenting endless opportunities to wine, dine and indulge.



01 Co Do

Cherished by Sunshine locals and beyond, what Co Do lacks in frills it more than compensates for in flavour. The menu provides for a culinary journey across south-east Asia, comprising of authentic Vietnamese, as well as some Thai and Cambodian specialties. Ideal for easy takeaway on weeknights or a lively weekend soirée (BYO, of course), Co Do is bound to become a regular haunt.

02 Sunshine Social

Sunshine Social delivers a homey dining experience, with all the atmosphere of a relaxed backyard barbeque on a Saturday afternoon. The menu features hearty favourites with exotic embellishments, most of which are served straight from the grill. A converted service station, the venue exhibits traces of its former life with industrial elements like exposed ceilings, and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor dining space suited to all occasions.



03 Little Rays

Specialty coffee with a conscience – is there anything better? Little Rays sits in the foyer of Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, a social enterprise serving up healthy lunch staples, all ethically and sustainability made. The boutique cafe also works in conjunction with non-for-profit organisations to empower young people and provide employment. None of this, however, comes at the expense of the food, which is undisputedly scrumptious and ideal for those on the go. Pair a French pastry with one of Little Rays’ regularly rotated brews, delivered straight from Dukes, a distinguished Melbourne roaster.


04 Dumbo

If you take a short drive to West Footscray you’ll find Dumbo, the milk bar-turned-café serving up an alluring array of brunch items. Surprisingly, the namesake doesn’t originate from that of a certain cartoon elephant. It stands for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Overpass’, a nod to an area of New York known for its ample urban charm and goldmine of trendy eateries. The name is fitting; Dumbo is impeccably chic, fit out with airy interiors and an impressive myriad of hanging plants. Menu highlights include Nordic salmon toast and honeycomb hotcakes, best enjoyed with one of Dumbo’s quality blends.


Charming and culturally rich, Yarraville’s lifestyle scene is reminiscent of an inner-city suburb, sans the chaos.


05 Barkley Johnson

Just a stone’s throw away in Yarraville, Barkley Johnson fuses a sophisticated wine bar with a generous delicatessen. Come to have all your grocery needs adhered to – breads, cheeses, meats and condiments of the utmost quality adorn the wall-to-wall shelves. If the browsing tires you out, and with variety so copius it probably will, sidle in at the bar and indulge the soul in a glass of premium house wine.

06 The Sun Theatre

Allow the Sun Theatre to whisk you away for a night of retro-cinema, amidst a charismatic, art deco setting. An icon of the west and greater Melbourne, the grandiose establishment screens a delightful assortment of films, both of old and new. Grab a pre-movie bite or beverage at one of the many surrounding restaurants, or choose from an ample wine collection at the cinema’s in-house bar.

Parks and recreation:

A bounty of parks and reserves paint the suburb of Sunshine, a surprisingly verdant milieu where many a nature walk is to be had.

Sunshine is bestowed with a variety of shopping treasures, and is fortunate enough to have some incredibly generous neighbours as well.

Retail delights

The area boasts a number of retail conveniences and luxuries. At your doorstep is Sunshine Marketplace, for all daily essentials, plus Village Cinemas. In nearby Footscray, you’ll find one of Melbourne’s most iconic and multicultural weekend markets. Bustling and atmospheric, an abundance of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and unique Asian ingredients line the stalls, all very affordable compared to their supermarket counterparts. Also at your disposal is Highpoint Maribyrnong – the fourth largest shopping centre in Australia.

Education and transport:

Sunshine transport

An 11-minute walk from Verse, Sunshine Railway Station facilitates a speedy venture into the CBD, making for a convenient daily commute. As part of the Sunbury line, it also enables easy access to the vibrant suburbs of Footscray and North Melbourne. Nearby, the 220 bus stop allows for transportation into the city, as well as the southside suburbs.

Sunshine education

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to education in Sunshine and its adjoining suburbs. Victoria University in Footscray is ranked within the top 2% in the world, an institution renowned for its first-class facilities, inspiring programs and esteemed alumni. A fulcrum for healthy development exists in Sunshine Secondary College, an award winning secondary school where diversity is celebrated. For the suburb’s younger minds, Sunshine Primary School presents a scope of resources and a vibrant, optimistic place to learn.

Project Team


A masterpiece of Verse’s stature comes as a result of ingenious minds working together in perfect synergy. Every aspect of this project, from conception through to creation, has been shaped and inspired by a team of professionals impassioned by the idea of bringing these residences to life. Where envisioned architecture works in harmony with considered landscaping, Verse represents an assembly of the utmost expertise.

Masterful architects:

Chamberlain Architects

Led by award winning director, Glen Chamberlain and principal, Ella Leoncio, Chamberlain Architect’s approach is built on the relationships they establish with their clients – distilling needs and aspirations into beautiful and thoughtful dwellings. A fascination with light, space and material is woven through every project, but their style evolves from the dialogue that develops with their clients and an appreciation of the site. Chamberlain Architects see multi-residential work as an exciting opportunity to bring their philosophies from single residence design to apartment and townhouse living. They consider each multi-residential project with the same level of care and attention as a single family house, and Verse demonstrates this approach.

Ingenious landscape designer:

John Patrick Landscape Architects

John Patrick Landscape Architects conducts a broad range of landscape design and management projects, covering everything from heritage sites, to park master plans and residential projects. Headed by John Patrick himself, the firm conducts work both nationally and internationally.

Boutique developer:

Paragon Development Group

Paragon Development Group aims to ethically deliver well researched, high quality projects in prime locations for both owner-occupiers and investors. Paragon targets projects in unique locations where demand outstrips supply. They focus on areas that are of close proximity to the CBD, public transport, shopping, prestigious schools and other high capital value suburbs. This ensures that properties will stand the test of time and achieve sustainable, above average growth. Paragon integrates stunning architectural design with impeccable finishes, that would satisfy even the most discerning buyer.

Trusted property experts:

Marshall White Projects

Mr Marshall White opened his first office in Glenferrie Road, Malvern over 45 years ago. A legend within the real estate industry, Marshall instilled a philosophy within the company that, above all, values honesty, integrity, experience and the desire to put in the time. We continually strive to capitalise on the blending of youthful enthusiasm and mature experience to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the real estate industry. Marshall White is proud to be collaborating with Paragon Development Group to launch this fantastic project, Verse.